Meet a few members of our team

Intern loves working with MD Stem Cells



Inbar is an amazing HS student going above and beyond to help us with various projects at MD Stem Cells. Her tech skills have been a huge asset for our website and for providing help with our journal submissions.  She is extremely gifted academically, contributes her time to non-profits and volunteering at our local hospital.  She has firm plans to enter the medical field.  I have no doubt her contributions in medicine will be amazing!

Alycia is an intern at MD Stem Cells



Alycia is our other equally amazing HS student excelling at all the challenges we've presented to her.  Her schedule of academics, work and volunteering makes my head spin!  She and Inbar have made a fantastic team helping with technology, introducing me to Google classroom and revitalizing the website. Alycia is proactive and resourceful and also intends to go into medicine.  I know she'll be making super major contributions in the very near future.

Technician at The Healing Institute helps stem cell patients

Paul Eisenberg

Lead Technician,

The Healing Institute

Paul is the lead technician at The Healing Institute.  If you participate in one of our studies, he may be helping to exam you and help you with the informed consent.   Paul does all the eye testing including the more complex visual fields and OCT testing.  Paul also manages the Hyperbaric Oxygen part of the practice.  He's positive, helpful, energetic and  always an asset for the group.

Cathy Falaguerra is Office Manager at The Healing Institute

Cathy Falaguerra

Office Manager,

The Healing Institute

Cathy is the heart and soul of The Healing Institute.  If you participate in one of our studies, I'll be handing you off to Cathy as the time grows near for your procedure.  You'll  grow very fond of her very quickly and feel comfortable knowing she will be taking excellent care of you throughout the procedure period and afterwards.  Cathy is immensely kind, happy, upbeat, calm and can solve most any scheduling or travel problem.  You'll miss her when you're finished but can stay in touch through the follow up year!

Next Steps...

If you are interested in one of our studies, please click the contact us page and provide the requested information.   I'll be back to you asap.

Dr. Levy