Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Like all advances in science and medicine, the results that are obtained from our Bone Marrow Stem Cell (BMSC) procedures in SCOTS, NEST and SciExVR are the consequence of our technology and the quality assurance and control surrounding that technology. We have proprietary - meaning specific approaches to processing and delivery of the stem cells- that are fully compliant with FDA guidelines and have been developed through our experience with hundreds of procedures. No patient needs to be reminded that the thought and experience underlying procedures affects their outcome.

The fact that we are publishing in scientific and medical journals, including papers showing our approaches provide statistically meaningful improvements in major diseases, should be highly important to patients. Testimonials can be interesting and heartwarming, but should not be confused with the scientific evidence MD Stem Cells can now profess. In making decisions regarding obtaining treatment with stem cells, keep real evidence foremost in your mind.

Please review the articles as to why we use Bone Marrow Stem Cells verses Adipose / Fat / Stromal Vascular Fraction.