A key way for physicians and scientists to evaluate treatment approaches  is by reviewing the published professional literature. Publication includes the peer-review process by which experts in the particular field at the journal review the work submitted.
This typically includes a careful review of the background, design, methods, results, statistics, and conclusions.
When an article is accepted and published, it has been evaluated at multiple levels. This filtering process lets significant, carefully evaluated and vetted work be published.
A highly venerable source of medical publications is called PubMed. PubMed is part of the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health of the United States.  For journals to be listed on PubMed requires a lengthy, multi-year process.  Only thoroughly vetted and highly regarded journals become listed, further filtering for quality publications. This results in a large database of articles  from the best, most reliable journals.

Any person can go to PubMed and put in search terms for their disease along with Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells or Stem Cells (BMSC) .  Just this search term alone yields almost 20,000 articles- this reflects the enormous amount of research that has been done concerning BMSC.  This can be narrowed easily by putting in specific diseases or conditions as well.  This is search focused on real science, not advertisements or clicks. The articles typically have an abstract which is a summary of the article with key points. Although sometimes there are scientific terms and special knowledge needed to fully comprehend the abstract, a little effort will yield a remarkable amount of understanding for you.  Don't think searching the first page or two of Google or Bing will give you the real information you need to make a decision about treatment.  Do your homework and don't be mislead by sensational or trashy statements posted on search engines.

Another large compendium is PLOS or the Public Library of Science. There are also a number of other lesser known compendiums with quality journals.

Doing your own background work will help you become comfortable with the subject and able to make better decisions as to whether stem cells, and specifically the BMSC approach we use, is something you should consider.  Listening to advertisements, blogs and rants on the internet is definitely not the best way to make decisions!