MD Stem Cells periodically provides updates about the studies or results via press releases.  Press releases can provide information quickly and help patients hear about particular diseases and certain results. Although these are not at the same level as actual journal submissions, they are reporting genuine information that can help patients make decisions about participation.  Patients should always understand that results for a particular intervention, medical treatment, approved drug, medical device or surgery cannot be specifically predicted for an individual.

Press release on how we consistently release data on for patient review:

Stem Cell Ophthalmology Treatment Study releases data on Website

Steven Levy at MD Stem Cells tapped for Biological Information & Biomedical Engineering Conference

Press release on SciExVR- Paralyzed patient gains muscle strength following new stem cell treatment.  MD Stem Cells reports SciExVR study showing early paraplegia improvements.

Press release on NAION and other optic nerve results:
SCOTS Eye Stem Cell Study pulls ahead in optic nerve treatment

SCOTS Eye Stem Cell Study pulls ahead in optic nerve treatment. Stem Cell Ophthalmology Treatment Study in Florida makes steady progress treating "untreatable" optic nerve and retinal conditions with publication of positive outcomes - PR12683245

Article from HispanTV/Next Latino

Un médico dice haber ‘curado’ con células madre a pacientes con ceguera.

Recent press release on our commitment to excellence in research:
SCOTS Eye Stem Cell Study Exceeds Research Goals

New People Magazine Online article:

Senator Lamar Alexander comments on SCOTS patient's visual improvement
"the miraculous eyesight recovery of Tennessean Doug Oliver underscores the need for passage of 21st Century Cures to unleash medical innovation and give more Americans access to life-changing treatments and life-saving cures, like Doug did.”

Principal Investigator Interview on Fox news broadcast WSVN 7 News
Seeing is Believing: South Florida Doctor Helps The Blind See Through Experimental Procedure

ABC news broadcast WMAR
Baltimore woman once blind, regains vision after retinal stem cell surgery

ABC news broadcast WPLG
Retina surgeon breaks new ground in fight against vision loss

SCOTS patient Doug Oliver crafts legislation with US Senator Lamar Alexander interview on WJHL
Blind Man sees after stem cell treatment, crafted bill to help others get access to treatment.
Blind man sees after stem cell treatment, crafted bill to help others get access to treatment

The Role of Patient Funded Clinical Research in Advancing Medical Care
(scroll to bottom of NIH site under Additional Information to access)

Mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cell/ stroma cell function

Differentiation of marrow stromal cells into photoreceptors in the rat eye.

Glaucoma Visual Fields Improve Following Stem Cell Treatment OR

SCOTS is mentioned in the article titled:
Progress of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for neural and retinal diseases.

Optic Nerve Regenerates Following Stem Cell Treatment

In the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper with video of patient:
Stem-cell treatment may help those with severe vision problems