There are a number of reasons patients undergoing procedures for eye, neurologic or spinal cord procedures should strongly prefer Bone Marrow Stem Cells (BMSC) and avoid Adipose/Fat/ Stromal Vascular Fraction.  The most important include that BMSC have been shown to undergo neuronal transdifferentiation without the need for modification; they have been shown to transfer mitochondria via cytoplasmic bridges to damaged cells; various factors including neuron growth promoters called neurotrophic factors are routinely secreted.  In addition there are concerns about Adipose Stem Cells including those outlined by the following articles:



  • Pulmonary passage is a major obstacle for intravenous stem cell delivery: the pulmonary first-pass effect.  Bone Marrow Stem Cells are the most effective stem cells for getting through the lungs and to the capillary beds of the nervous system and eyes.  When given intravenously they have a 30 fold greater passage through the lungs and to the carotid arteries as compared to other stem cells including Adipose / Fat/ Stromal Vascular Fraction .


  • Enhanced survival of mice infused with bone marrow-derived as compared with adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Pro-coagultion and thrombotic activity of Adipose stem cells cause thrombi in lungs and can cause animal death.  These cell dependent effects are NOT observed with BMSC.