Our Story

We are a consultancy providing information, education, facilitation, and access to advanced stem cell treatments.  We act as Sponsor and Dr. Levy is Study Director for clinical trials and treatments involving bone marrow stem cells in Ophthalmology, Neurology, Alzheimer’s, Dementias, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Spinal Cord Injury and Anti-Aging.


Our Vision

Many diseases and injuries have no medical approaches that can recover the function that has been lost.  For many patients their first encounter with a disease or injury results in the realization that they are on their own- that the medical and pharmaceutical community, for all their success in certain diseases, can offer them little or nothing.  Focused on clinical and translational research, we aim to find new and innovative treatments to mitigate diseases and  injuries.  We are on a journey to treat within clinical studies and publish our results in order to change the standard of care patients are offered.  Patients choosing to participate in our studies must understand that results cannot be predicted for individual patients.  Even in diseases where we have shown statistically significant benefit, there is no guarantee that a particular patient will benefit from treatment.

Our Technology

Stem cells are a new and innovative form of treatment. Research has shown that these cells can help form and repair tissues all over the body.  We believe strongly that bone marrow derived stem cells have important benefits over other types of stem cells including a 30x better ability to travel through the lungs to the capillary beds of the brain, eyes and spinal cord.  While the pharmaceutical industry continues efforts to create cell based products, we believe that harnessing the human body’s own repair mechanisms can produce important benefits now.